Single Stream Residential Curbside -- City Of Moscow

Single stream recycling begins February 1, 2016.

Attention all City of Moscow residents

Single stream roll carts will be dispersed during the holidays and through the month of January. Collection will start on February 1, 2016. Please do not put your new carts out until the week of February 1 as it will not be collected.

You will also receive a packette of information with your roll cart indicating what you will and will not be able to recycle, a magnetic calendar, as recycling collection is every other week and an introductory sheet that should answer any questions you may have regarding the program.

You'll be able to recycle items like empty and rinsed plastic, foil, aluminum and tin, newspaper, junk mail, milk and soup cartons, cardboard and more. We will not be recycling glass, food, clothing, electronics or styrofoam. Glass can be brought to Moscow Recycling's 24/7 Public Sorting Area. If you have questions, please contact Moscow Recycling at (208) 882-0590 or visit the website at

You may also contact City of Moscow’s Sanitation Department at (208) 883-7131 or visit the website at

Click the links below to view or download:
2016 Single Stream Recycling calendar
Curbside Single Stream Brochure
SS Acceptable and Non-Acceptable List
SS Roll-Cart FAQ’s and Instructions

Collection services are provided for cardboard at your business location. A collection bin is provided and the cost for this service is $10.50 per collection.

Collection services are also provided for office recyclables at your business. The cost for this service is provided in the chart below

Cost Per Collection Cost Per Container
(Standard size 65 gal)
Total Cost Per Collection
$10.50 One container $3.50 $14.00
$10.50 Two containers $7.00 $17.50
$10.50 Three containers $10.50 $21.00
$10.50 Four containers $14.00 $24.50

If you would like more information on recycling for your business or you would like to sign up for a service call Moscow Recycling at (208) 882-0590.

Business Recycling Brochure